Electric system reqquired more small, highly integreated and high performance.
Coming to the physical limits of 2-dimensional LSI interconnection.

With the introduction of the new design technology of 3-dimensional LSI stacking technology,
Zycube assists with the commercialization of the new electronic systems that improve performance dramatically, in a short period of time less than half than conventional LSI development.

 We will develop new-generation process while reducing costs, provides the behavior of high-performance, high speed and low power for further.

 Especially the 3-dimensional LSI chip stacking (2-10) of prototype and low-volume production will be and also help you about the basic structural design and design services.

 Contract services in the SiP (System-in-package), the module form will be necessary. Especially single chip-multiple chip-8 (special processing-up to 12 inches) through electrodes to the wafer is available in.

 Image sensor for TSV-special WLCSP(Wafer size package) also possess high reliability and high shockproof technology.

Therefore, TEG wafer as well as TEG chip is available for trial.
 (*TEG=Test Engineering Group)

1. TEG design (various patterns, custom designed support)
2. Wafer coating (available up to 8 inch metal film, multilayer film, nitride, oxide etc.)
3. Wafer pattern forming (lithography, wet and dry etching)
4. Various processed wafer (dicing, background India)
5. After wafer fabrication services (TEG chip fabrication and evaluation,
  implementation and evaluation)

6. From development to prototyping services
  @ Penetrating electrodes(TSV) and LSI semiconductor packages.
  A Module package (System-in-package, combined and integrated package
    structure design (photo-electric, MEMS, compound semiconductor, LED).
  B Circuit design, material design and machining process design.
  C TSV TGV electrode forming processing, prototyping and development.

7. Application example
  @ Sensor for medical and biotechnology applications, including high density
    implementation and stacked module.
  A Fine welding fabrication and processing services.
  B Interposer such as semiconductor, ceramics, glass, organic-based Circuit
  C Device stacking and Assembly
  D Penetrating electrode structure interposer technology service
    (including special high heat dissipation technology design).
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 To meet the needs of the time shortning and costs cut of implementation evaluation,sales of the company for TSV standard TEG wafer and related custom services to be provided.
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 Accept OEM production of TSV-CIS series (ZyCSP™, ZyHCSP™, etc.) our TSV implementation technology validation products developed over the years.
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 ZyCube has numerous patented technology and production know-how as a TSV technology pioneer related technical consultancy and technology licensing.
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